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In Their Words

"I have worked with Tre in various capacities, through different projects, each unique.

Tre is passionate with strong commitment to his works - and stands behind his projects. Whether in the shadows at a high-energy event, front-and-center recording a testimonial or powerful storyline, Tre is sure

to capture the special moments through a different set of lens."

Brandon Williamson

"You do not get to the level of success that our company has without partnering with talented filmmakers. Tre has a talent and skillset that has helped on projects by allowing us to expand our abilities to help provide the best filming experience for our clients".

TJ Jorgerson

"Tre Marquise is such a phenomenal young man! From the first day I met him I knew he would do something great. His story of pain has led him to his purpose and he’s focused on using it to enhance the lives of those that come in contact with him. He wants others to know their purpose and how we are called to kingship. I appreciate being connected to him. His skill set in film, photos and videography are all a plus!!! You get a great person, passionate and full of life to help you show up to the world in a way that will draw others. Thank you Tre 🙏🏽"

Kay Farlow

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